Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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NABA, Inc SNEW Chapter: Event meet and greet the Student Members


September 15, 2007 @ the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport CT


It was a pleasure to be involved with the young student members of our organization. It is important for me to see that there are young people who are looking for the opportunities to network with professionals. The professionals have many years of experience between us. We range from entry level to senior management. This level of experience is great for our student members to see and be in contact.


I see the professionals as having the potential to be mentors to the student members and giving the students some information on how to conduct themselves in the business world. I am glad to be part of this organization because I do truly believe in giving back.







Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Professional Learning and Conferences:

Over the last few days I was able to attend my first professional conference. The conference was sponsored by the National Black MBA Association. The topis was Catalyst for Change.

Now as a person who loves to evolve over the course of a day, I was really interested in what I could possibly learn from the conference. As I sit and watch other people give presentations, discuss, captivate, motivate, and provide a deeper insight into the person, I wondered why not me?

I do feel that attending this conference has made my management and leadership style better. I look forward to attending other type of development conferences. These will definitly help me in my career. I also look forward to doing more research so that I can finally finish writing my book. However, I will start with expressing my thoughts on leadership topics on this and other blogs.

Welcome to the birth of my legacy....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Should on Quit their Job

Has anyone out there wanted to quit their job because they were burnt out and tired of dealing with people who just don't get it?


I need to pray

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

becareful what you wish for. This is a saying that its a precurser to what will be coming. Sometimes we all think that we want something that we will do anything to get it. One example is career advancement. In career advancement people are searching for a way to reach the top of the company or apex of their career. In doing so some of the things that become appearently clear is that they become invovled with their career. It is sort of an affair. What I mean is that each individual chooses a path in which they devote a lot of time and effort. In that time and effort soemtihing in their life is neglected. (i.e. Family, friends, health) The most important of these is health. For example, as a person who is supposed to exercise three times a week I often find myself neglecting the workouts and not pushing forward. I always use some execuse as to why I cannot work out. Whether it be the meeting of a professional organization, a social group, a fraternity meeting. These are things that are partial distractions, but also partial tools.
They are tools that will help me/family gain status, wealth, and career adavncement, right?

Hmm a pondering thought More to come....