Monday, March 06, 2006

What does achieving a goal mean to me?

It means that I have been able to climb to the apex of one mountain top and take in the fresh breath of fresh air. i was able to look back and see the trail in which I climbed, struggled, ran, walked with a limp, and feel that I have accomplished something.

The Climb up the mountain is well worth the struggle, the blisters represent the undying drive to continue to strive to go on. Achieving a goal is important because it gives others and example as to what can be acomplished if you have the will and determination.

As a new father to have some goals and accomplishments as inspiration for my son, is very important. This will provide him a blueprint, and template that whatever your goals and aspirations are that as long as you strive to achieve this with a pure will and determination, others will be there at the apex to greet you with congratualtions, well wishes, and the support you need to continue to climb in any direction torwards your next apex. It is also important that he sees and understands that what I am doing is for a personal gain and not to appease anyone other than myself.

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Classy Cassie said...

Bye Ben! I will be back! :)