Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Path you Choose…


Is it at all possible to know which path to choose when facing the fork in the road?

As I sit at my computer writing about this fork in the road that I am facing I think to the movie AIRBORNE.

In the movie there is a young man who is facing the challenges of fitting in with a group of people who don't like him because he is from California and is a Surfer. He is a pacifist. He does not believe that violence will solve the answer. While facing ridicule, hazing, sand being put in his locker, and falling in love he still manages to overcome the feeling of not being wanted and earns the respect of the people who didn't want him around.


I think that there are sometimes in our lives when we are facing the unwanted feeling and we need to seek out the answer of which path do we choose. It is hard for us to ensure that we have chosen the correct path but there must be one way for us to go. I believe that is how we feel when God is a direct force in our lives. It is important to know that as individuals we have free will to choose how we respond to things placed in our pathway. We are all on a path to achieve a goal and the path that we choose will get us there. No matter how many turns there might be in the road we all have an opportunity to walk the straight and narrow.

Following the path….. which way do I go? Only I will know when I get there.

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