Monday, February 04, 2013

When ‘Good Enough’ Really is Good Enough - Managing perfectionism in an imperfect world AccountingWeb |

By Daniel A. Smith, CMA®, CPA, Senior Business Intelligence Strategist at J. Walter Thompson,
As a business intelligence strategist at JWT, Daniel specializes in adding value to all things data. From collection, storage, aggregation, analysis, to presentation – he is always looking for the next business insight or opportunity for their clients. While at work, you will most often find him creating analytical models and dynamic web-based analyses. Outside of work he is involved in IMA® Young Professionals Committee and IMA Leadership Academy as a speaker, author, mentor and mentee.

How many times has this happened? You’re working on a report. You polished the visuals, showing the insights in elegant detail. You reworked some tables to be more concise, and it’s almost perfect! It’s also a week late.

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